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My journey here began Spring/Summer 2019. While I’ve always been someone very much aware of my spirituality since childhood, the circumstances of that specific point in time, and all its foreshadowed chaos, brought me back to something I had known to be missing from my adult life even while never really being aware of what it was. And what it was, was my lost, forgotten connection to Spirit & my way of living in “blind” optimism, positivity, & the tremendous faith of just knowing that life would see itself through in my favor no matter what (not always the easiest thing to do, even still). It served to awaken gifts I now know must have been lying dormant for years (gifts I will share with you here) & in the process brought me back to my spirituality both in practice & in action.


That was my spark, my catapult into self-discovery, acceptance, & understanding, and into this renewed way of being & living. And now my greatest purpose & intention is to serve you by assisting in the discovery of your own spark carried deep within as I work as a conduit of Divinely guided messages, confirmations, balanced perspectives, and hopefully breakthroughs. 

Let’s work together to #sparkyourlight & awaken to all the doors of opportunity around you because this life is absolutely yours for the taking & the whole of the Universe is waiting to back you up! ✨

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