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Michelle's reading was not only accurate, but also highly specific to exactly the feelings and emotions I've been bouncing around recently. My time with her was exponentially helpful because she was able to tease out the nuances of the things I have been working on and give me so much more clarity than my analyzing and reanalyzing could ever do for myself. It was like she was already in touch with all the things I needed to access and just haven't been able to get there on my own. She was so soothing and comforting about all of it and it felt like I had known her for years. I am going to START with Michelle next time instead of spinning my wheels on my own.


I loved my session with Michelle! The experience was amazing!! She had so much great information for me and really got me excited for what is in the future for me. She was able to give me direction on why I have been feeling so stuck and what I need to work on to move forward. She really customizes the experience for you by providing you the crystal that would work best for you and also selects music to play during the session that resonates with you. She pulled so many cards for me and explained everything so well. Michelle has amazing energy! I will definitely be booking another session with her!!


I received a reading from Michelle that l needed to take action and follow my intuition. She has a talent and truly is a blessing. I’m sure that I will be reaching out to her for future reference because her cards were on point !!! Awesome energy with a loving heart ❤️


Thank you Michelle!!! What an incredible and packed hour of information! This is not your basic card reading. Michelle starts prepping ahead of time from the crystals used to the binaural beats played, everything is customized to you. She referenced things that happened in my dream the night before AND in my personal meditation practice the morning of our session! She is the real deal! She really holds such beautiful space for her clients. We laughed, i cried, it was really transformational and activating! I cant wait to work with her again. -Emily


This was my first time doing something like this and it was a wonderful experience! I got so much more than I even expected! Michelle is so warm and kind. She said to take a minute and get clear on what I needed to hear from the universe before we talked. I did that. She literally hit on everything I was feeling anxious about and wanted help with. Michelle explained everything so deeply and clearly. The thing I was most happy about was that she gave me some practical tools and advice to apply to my daily life. Instead of some vague suggestion like you need to surrender more, she told me exactly how I can help myself! I look forward to working with her again! If you want a warm and friendly experience with someone who will gently and kindly tell you the truth about yourself and your needs, I HIGHLY recommend Michelle!!


Michelle is INCREDIBLE. I cannot say this loud enough to the world. I had a Spirit Guided Messages reading, and those words simply do not do this experience justice. She pulled a bajillion Tarot cards for me, and her interpretation of them was mind-boggingly spot-on and resonated soo deeply with me. From the start of our session, I was wowed—she prepares days in advance of your session, already connecting to your energy and to spirit and noting down messages she receives. And all of the messages were incredible. To the point where she literally told me my life purpose in words I don't think I could have ever found to describe it. Also, I don't think I've ever felt so much love from a reader like this before... Michelle is the real deal. She is the total embodiment of love and support. She holds space for you, for the tears and the breakthroughs, and she goes above and beyond to get you the messages you need to hear. She is the most perfect translator from spirit...that I've ever experienced, honestly. I feel infinitely grateful for this session and look forward to many more in the future! Starting with telling everyone I know about her first :)


I had never had any type of psychic reading done before & the first time Michelle did a reading for me it really hit home. The accuracy was so spot on it made me cry. A few months later I got another one & it gave me so much clarity on some things, even things about myself to focus on that I was unaware of. In total so far I've had three readings with her; they were very helpful & I love how she breaks the cards down and gives you the meaning along with explanations during the reading. I will be getting more readings done by her in the future.


I was never one for readings, I just didn't think it was for me, and then Michelle did a reading for me. It shook me! I cried actual tears! There were so many things that we did not speak of before my reading and she nailed them! Every single thing that had been dwelling in me, taking up space in my head and causing me stress & anxiety, she saw it in the cards. Michelle is highly intuitive, a lightworker, and is very thoughtful and insightful in her readings. I will DEFINITELY be coming back over and over again!


I’ve had several readings and I love them! I feel like you tap into ME! It’s very calming.


I have recently met Michelle and have been very impressed. She is a powerhouse and a blessing to this industry. She understands and gives very accurate and informational readings. As a Psychic and a Healer myself, I know a great intuitive when I see and feel one. And Michelle is just that, a great Psychic and Intuitive. She helped me step out of fear of showing up for myself and my clients and step into faith, knowing that I too can do what I feel I have been called to do. This has been a life-changing experience for me. I will be back.


I welcome & appreciate your feedback. If you would like to share your thoughts about your experience with the services I provide, please do so here. And as always, love, light, and power to you! 🖤

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