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Spirit Guided Message & Activations™

Illumination. Activation. Perspective shifting.

  • 369 US dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Designed to serve up what you need to know based on the energy that actually exists around you (rather than what you may be focused on) this Lighthouse signature session will reveal key themes around what the current state of your energy is, personal messages from your own spiritual team (spirit guides & the like) & best of all the specific activators or activation points that are primed & ready to be flipped on in order to generate profound shifts in your life. So you may be asking yourself, “What is Activation? What is an activator/activation point?” The simple breakdown is this: Activation is the process or the moment of shifting; some really helpful imagery would be to think of it in terms of flipping on a switch or hitting a start button. Your activators/activation points are essentially these switches. There are innumerable amounts of these points within your energetic sphere; some predestined & some manifestations of a sequence of choices. My job & the purpose of this session is to acquaint you with the activators that are ready to trigger a shift. What does this look like? This session in its entirety–everything from the context of the reading to what tools are utilized (cards, incense, music, crystals, etc)–is dictated by Spirit & personalized to you! Often it begins almost immediately after booking, with bits & pieces of your energetic influence dropping in. I then channel for 30-90 minutes in order to prepare for your session before I ever even see you. We then have our session as scheduled & at that time I will pull a reading for you based on the guidance from your Spirit Team. During your session you will be provided information on what I call your Activation Crystal™–this is essentially the crystal whose metaphysical properties best serve your current activation(s). Finally, within 24 hours of your session, you'll receive an email including notes on key themes & links to access/download your session, the music played & resources researched in relation to your session, e.g. information regarding the properties/use for your Activation Crystal™, spiritual meanings behind certain elements appearing during the reading, etc.

Cancellation Policy

Please contact us with at least 48 hours advance notice to cancel your booking. Please note, for any cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance only half of the prepayment will be refunded. No-shows will not be refunded (you will be considered a no-show after 15 minutes). Also, I reserve the right to terminate any session at any time, with or without a full or partial refund based solely on my discretion in order to protect my safety, my energy, and the integrity of my work. DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed medical or mental health practitioner, nor am I certified as legal or business counsel. Please use your own judgment & discernment when contemplating the information provided in these sessions. Always remember, only take what resonates with you & leave the rest while always following your own judgment, wisdom, and intuition.

Contact Details

(312) 870-0586

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