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Choose Your Plan

from any of the convenient options below

  • Pocket Psychic

    Every month
    You've got questions? Now get your answers in real time-no appointment required.
    • Get unlimited insights via private Voxer access. Includes:
    • Real time access via text, voice*, multi-media messaging,
    • Unlimited channeled insights and mini tarot readings,
    • Exclusive members only broadcast channel (also via Voxer)
    • 25% all bookings for your more in depth consultation needs,
    • VIP access to schedule availability & off hours bookings.
  • AP23: Split Pay Plan

    Every month
    Valid for 2 months
    • Full access to Activation Portal program
    • Convenient two payment option:
    • One today, and one next month

This payment will auto renew according to your plan choice

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